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Vinh Chung, MBA

Vinh has shared a long history with Dr. Min. They were roommates back in undergrad, taking the same classes together. He briefly considered premed but decided science and engineering was more his calling. Vinh loves working on cutting edge technologies and chose a career path with startup companies. In doing so, he has had the privilege with working on technologies that contributed to what we see entering the market place today, such as the pico “pocket” projector, fuel cells, and respiratory medical devices.

Even though Vinh is a dear friend to Dr. Min, he was recruited for his business development and management experiences to help grow Newvue. Over the last 14 years, he as been with two research institutions, two companies that has gone public, and one that was acquired for over $1B. Vinh received his BS in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and earned his Executive MBA at the University of Washington.